Brown Eyed Girl

Since I've been doing a lot of chat hypnosis lately, I was inspired to do a hypnosis / magic crossover caption.  Those of you that I've been working with may understand the underlying inspiration on this one...and a special someone gets to actually experience about lucky.

A Nice Bath

When You Wish Upon a Star...

Just try me...

A Fish Wish

Elly's Downfall

I got into a bit of a caption tussle with someone on Rachel's Haven last week.  The story of the previous captions was essentially that I was brought in to take advantage of someone turned into a friend's pet because of that person using me before.  Then the friend decided to take advantage of me by turning me into a girl for the night too.

This caption was made as a follow on for me to get revenge on the friend for using me for his/her pleasure.

Asian Airline Stewardess Turn To Prostitution And Take Naked Shower For Camera

Here are a few nude photos of a interesting Asian girl taking a shower and putting on a show while at it. This set came with the description "a certain airline stewardess turn to prostitution in order to buy her favorite brand name shoes." Yup, the hooker-flight attendant allegation won me over instantly. And yes, a modern girl as got to have her sexy fashionable heels no matter the cost. At first I thought these images were pro but I guess the set could be amateur. The "Eunhae" tattoo on her lower abdomen seem to suggest she is Korean but she could instead be Japanese. These pictures may have been taken by some man that bought sex from the hooker-stewardess. However, I still think these images are from an AV scene because the set seem very professionally done. But still unable to identify the actress, maybe I need to start watching more Japanese AV about slutty stewardesses. And no, I have no clue why I love the idea of hooker-flight attendants so much but I do.

Airlines should cut the pay for flight attendants and shoe manufactures should increase prices . Because I wish more naughty Asian girls working as airline stewardess would turn to prostitution to buy expensive shoes. Anyway, be sure to "Like" the Gutter Uncensored fan and feel free to leave a suggestion or comment there. And remember to send more interesting pictures and videos.